About the Artist

Arit Emmanuela is a Nigerian American creator currently based in Nottingham England. Her practice focuses on the abstract ideas of personality and restoring the identities of black women through portraiture.

She creates concept driven imagery that combines the intrinsic ideas of culture, identity, and self. Her practice features and combines photography, film, sounds, and creative writing. She received her BA in Cinematic Arts from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in Baltimore and is currently studying for her MFA in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University.

As a writer she has work in the form of essays, poetry, short stories and both stage and screen plays. She has been published multiple times in the literary journal Bartleby and various online platforms. As well as had her short play HAPPY produced by the Interrobang Theater Company in Baltimore, Maryland. She has written and directed many short films including Blackbird that has multiple nominations and features and won an award for Best animated/Experimental film at the 2016 Indie Capitol Awards in Washington DC. Her visual work has been exhibited at venues like the Baltimore RAW Artist Showcase and Art All Night DC. She also has experience in performance including The Vagina Monologues, performance dance pieces, and spoken word.

She plans on expanding her work throughout all the branches of art to ensure that she reaches a broad audience