Artist Statement

As an experimental storyteller, I recreate the relationship between my body’s physical movements in the world and its incorporeal movements as a result of that. In my work, my body is not limited by form, space or time; but instead manifests itself beyond what we are constantly able to see. I produce work that discusses my body and the multiple realities that it has created. I appear repeatedly in my work, each body being a different version of myself, each body a different world, each body the traces that existence has left on me.

I feature myself in themes of divinity, religion and authority as a way of negotiating myself into spaces that I am not welcomed in. Being black, woman and queer; there was no acknowledgment of my existence in public or institutional spaces. My question was “why?”. Why couldn’t I be powerful and divine and holy and authoritative? Why was my existence pushed to the bottom of the narrative, if there at all? So my body became the material that informed my practice and I used self-portraits as a way of retaliating against these spaces that made me invisible.

By creating these worlds where I have existential authority, I challenge the perceptions of how and where my body is allowed to exist. I express my dichotomy by combining the religious, the sensual, the technological, the mythological, the lyrical and the spiritual. Inspired by creators like Zanele Muholi, Frida Kahlo and Bill Viola; I create work that uses my body as a language in order to recognize the underlayers of existence. I symbolically break down moments from my own life and recreate them in new dimensions.

My work is a means of transportation that takes viewers to a place where they are able to suspend their disbelief and understand the stories that I am telling. My work is for people who are interested in looking beyond the present physical and exploring the dissection of the life experience. In order for viewers to understand the work they must let go of the ideas of how they think the body can exist. I remove the known physical world and replace it with a space where I have given myself the authority to exist without obstruction. The role of the audience is to believe that this is possible.